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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                 119
Sadly the vast majority of people aren’t apposing these hostile government attacks upon
our faith and our children because they don’t believe it is wrong. As stated before, surveys
indicate that 87% of Americans no longer believe in the Ten Commandments.
When you examine the evidence, it indicates that America has bought the lie of Satan!
We have abandoned our loving Father in heaven. The God of America today is money pleasure
and self indulgence; if it feels good do it! For the majority of Americans there is no absolute
moral truth, God's law does not exist. Everything is permissible. When Americans want
something, they can’t wait, they have to have it and they have to have it now. This includes sex
before marriage, adultery and the lust for consumer items. If Americans don't have the money,
they charge it. Federal Reserve statistics reveal that consumer debt in the United States
(consumer debt does not include home mortgages) is 1.713 trillion dollars as of August 2002 and
is growing at a monthly rate of 5 to 8 billion dollars. When mortgages are thrown in the total
rises to 7.7 trillion dollars.
In my opinion, our idolatry of money is why President Clinton was not impeached for his
perjury in court. At the time, polls showed that a majority of Americans felt he should neither
resign or be impeached.
It was believed an impeachment would have a bad effect on the stock
market (a symbol of America’s God). Has God judged the United States for this, has he brought
the stock market down anyway?
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