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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                 19
Transgressions, Him Who is able to do Immeasurably More than all we ask or Imagine, He Who
Reveals His Thoughts to Men, My Friend; Help me to praise you in all things, in good times and
in bad, in temptation, in persecution,... in health and in sickness.
Give me faith in you and your promises, that you will comfort me, encourage me,
strengthen me, guide me, heal me of my infirmities, answer my prayers and grant me the desires
of my heart.
Lord God, please show me all you are doing around me so that I may glorify you by
joining you in what you are doing. Help me to sit still long enough for you to fill me with your
spirit, for us to have a relationship and for you to mold me into your instrument.
Let your prophets be known, may they speak your words with truth and conviction and
may people respond.
Please use me in these end times in the completion of your work; help me to know what
you want me to do for you and help me not to confuse it with my own will. Help me to see what
you are doing in these end times so that I may make decisions in line with what you are doing
and that I may be able to give wise council if asked. Help me to have an honest heart, make me
upright before you, give me patience and help me rely more heavily on scripture for council.
Help me to respond immediately when you speak to me. Give me faith that you will give
me the character and skills, and gifts I need to do your job. Help me to experience you, know
you, and know your will by having a deep quality love relationship with you. Give me complete
faith in you and your word that I may not worry about what I will eat or drink but I may seek you
and your kingdom first.
I am a sinner give me your righteousness without which anyone would perish. Help me to
see that the ways in which you work are real and practical. Help me to see where you are
working in my life and help me to know you more intimately through what you are doing and
what I see.
I give you free rein to do your good works in me.
When things are down, when they're uncertain and when they're good, help me to focus
my attention on your love for me and my love for you.
Jesus was able to see what you were doing around him and he joined you, please help me
to see what you are doing and join you. Help me to see your work in the lives of people around
me and help me look for evidence in family members and help me to do or speak only as I see
you at work and as you lead me.
Help me to remember that your greatest desire is a relationship with me and not what
you can do through me. Help me to see that when I encounter your Holy Spirit, I encounter you!
Help me to see that my understanding of spiritual truth comes only through the Holy Spirit as he
reveals it to me, I do not discover it. When I study the Word of God, the author Himself is
present to instruct me.
Please reveal yourself, your purpose and your ways to me. Help me to realize,
understand and remember that your ways are so very different than mans ways. Fill me with
your Holy Spirit that I may understand the things that come from the Spirit of God.
When you are silent to my prayers help me to see and confess any sin in my life and if
you are preparing something greater than what I asked for, help me to be patient and please
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