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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                 25
upset? You'd come unglued, you'd suspect collusion, a conspiracy, you'd fire your attorney, you
might even sue him and you may even be angrier at him then you were at the apposing parties
attorneys—right! I have the same responsibility to God that your attorney would have to you, I
must present the truth, even when it hurts.
I’ve gone to great lengths to present the truth and to verify that my sources of information
are credible. I present an abundance of sources on every topic; if per chance there is a source or
fact which proves not to be credible or in error, this in no way changes the truth of the rest of this
book or the truth of God's word.
The old saying goes that: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Truth can also be harder to
believe than a fictitious story. If you are not familiar with the topics covered in this book, you
will find many things hard to believe, but they are true. They come from reliable sources who
have made great personal sacrifices to make the truth known. Many have been persecuted; some
have lost jobs; many have been the victims of smear campaigns designed to discredit them. The
ultimate and frequently used smear campaign involves framing and imprisoning those who have
exposed the truth. Many have untimely met with death under suspicious circumstances. For
anyone who is interested in further research, I have documented my sources very well so that
they can be easily checked.
Since the purpose of writing this book is to present the truth, I make no apologies for the
truth. If my presentation ever seems cold, harsh, judgmental or unloving, I apologies for this; it is
my intent to present the truth in love. I have made great personal sacrifice to write this book and
I have done it out of love for my country, my fellow man and obedience to God. My desire and
prayer is that the truth presented in this book will lead as many as possible to a new or deeper
saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
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