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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                 47
America is the richest nation on earth. Much of the blessings of God have come through
technology. The typical young American cannot grasp how technology has changed his life.
There are few among us still alive who lived without electricity, in door plumbing, central
heating and running water. Because of the technology that made these possible we now live a life
that has been made far simpler, far easier, healthier and much more comfortable. Our homes are
more comfortable than any king or queen of the past could have hoped or dreamed for.
With the flip of a switch on our stereo we can bring the greatest symphonies and
orchestras or other forms of modern music into our living rooms. We can pop a video into our
VCR and we can be transported back in time to ancient Israel and see Jesus walk the streets
heeling the sick and preaching the word of God. We can get on the Internet and have the world’s
information at our fingertips. Our children can sit comfortably and safely in the living room and
play all the latest video games. Games that we never dreamed would be possible just 20 years
America Has Turned Its Back On God
But regrettably, America and Americans have turned their back on God, the very God
who has blessed and protected this nation. We have taken the gifts given to us by God and we
have used them for evil.
More often than not American entertainment is used for evil purposes rather than to serve
God and spread the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the world. American
music, television, movies, and video games are used to promote sex, violence, and the occult.
America is the world’s leading producer, exporter and consumer of pornography. “A new porno
film is completed every fifteen minutes. In 1996 Americans spent more than eight billion dollars
on pornographic materials and sex entertainments, an amount much larger than Hollywood’s
entire domestic box office receipts, and larger than all revenues generated by rock and country
music recordings.”
The total number of “regular” movies made each year by Hollywood is 400
but the porn industry produces an incredible 11,000 movies a year. These movies account for an
unbelievable 700 million porn movie rentals per year while generating $4 billion in rental
income. Now the Internet has made pornography easily available to every home with a computer
and Internet connection. There are at least 70,000 pornography sites on the Internet and its
growing every day.
The above statistics are reflective of the legal adult pornography industry. The illegal
child pornography takes in and estimated $3 billion a year in America. This money is made from
the abuse of children. The estimated number of children being enslaved and abused in this
criminal industry is estimated at 300,000.
Pornography and entertainment are a just symptom of what really ails America. America
has not just turned it’s back on God but has totally abandoned Him. This can be seen not only in
our life style but also in the results from surveys of American beliefs as follows:
The Erroneous Beliefs of Americans
According to George Barna, Jr., Americans “believe there is a god who exists, but he exists
simply to make our life worthwhile, fun, happy, and fulfilling.”
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