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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                27
people around the earth.
Thus, all the continents were populated and then the earth was divided. God had a
purpose to this plan. The obvious answer is that the people were divided to protect them from
deception. Through the division of the people, the language and the continents, no one
charismatic individual would be able to deceive the people of the whole earth and lead them into
rebellion against God.
There are many similarities between ancient Babel and Babylon of today; Babylon seeks
to achieve what Nimrod failed to do. Babylon seeks to unite the earth into one government and
one false religion in rebellion against God.
The following study of Babylon in the old testament will not be an exhaustive study; that
would take an entire volume. Besides the texts that specifically mention Babylon, there are a
great many texts that provide types and shadows concerning Babylon. The Apostle Paul wrote to
the Corinthians, “Now all these things happened unto them [to Israel] for ensamples (example):
and they are written for our admonition (warning), upon whom the ends of the world are come”
(1 Corintians 10:11). The original Greek for “ensample” literally mean “resemblance, sample,
type, model or pattern”. Therefore, within the literal history and the prophecy of the old
testament are examples, models, types or shadows of what will be happening to us “upon whom
the ends of the world are come.”
The interpretation of these types and shadows can be very complicated. It cannot be
accomplished without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. David Eells does an in depth study of the
types and shadows concerning America in his book Hidden Manna For the End Times. David
says that within a single biblical historical accounts there can be many parables and “even
parables on top of parables.” David says that parable should be interpreted by the spirit and not
the letter. Whereas the letter of the law brings death, the spirit of the law brings life (2
Corinthians 3:6).1 For our study, we'll stick to texts in which the types and shadows are quit easy
to see.
As I'm writing this chapter, I have already completed Volumes 1 and 2 and I am eighty
percent finished with this volume (Volume 3: Be Not Deceived). I had read all the texts on
Babylon contained in this chapter before starting to write this series of volumes. Many were
referred to in Volumes 1 and 2. But as I began to compile the texts for this chapter, I began to see
the parallels between ancient Babylon and the Babylon of the new testament more clearly than
ever before. I was amazed at how closely the the old testament descriptions of Babylon and
Israel paralleled what I had already written about America (Babylon of the new testament).
Israel and Babylon in the old testament are a type and shadow of America and Christians
in America just prior to and during the tribulation. Right now the seven year tribulation may be
only a few years away. Therefore, the Prophecies concerning the judgment of Israel and Babylon
provide valuable insights into the world we are now living. These insights, if heeded, can save
our eternal lives; if unheeded they can lead to our eternal destruction. My prayer is that the Holy
Spirit of God will speak to you through these prophecies and convict your heart of the truth! And
further, that you will take appropriate actions in accordance with the truth that the Holy Spirit
reveals to you. Amen!
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