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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                397
After Randy refused to work undercover for the ATF, he was charged with selling the illegal
firearm. Randy failed to show up for court not because he defied a court order but because he
was sent the wrong court date.
The Wall Street Journal reported on the extremely elaborate and costly steps the
government took in retaliation. “The U.S. marshals called in military aerial reconnaissance and
had photos studied by the Defense Mapping Agency.... They had psychological profiles
performed and installed $130,000 worth of solar-powered long range spy cameras. They
intercepted the Weavers' mail. They even knew the menstrual cycle of Weaver's teenage
daughter, and planned an arrest scenario around it.”
Next, six US Marshals trespassed on the Weavers property in order to stake out a future
arrest. They split into groups of three. During the stakeout, one group of Marshals threw rocks at
the Weaver's cabin. The Weaver’s dogs chased the Marshals. Randy, his son Sammy and a friend
Kevin Harris, with arms in hand pursued the dogs not knowing who they were chasing or what
their intentions were. The Marshals tired and set up an ambush for the Weavers. A gun battle
resulted. Randy’s fourteen year old son Sammy and a US Marshal were killed. Sammy was shot
in the back by US Marshal Larry Cooper while he was fleeing from the scene.
As a result of the death of the US Marshal, 400 FBI agents conducted a siege on the
Weaver's cabin. The FBI ordered its snipers and other team members to shoot anyone with a gun
on sight. This violated FBI rules of engagement and the Constitution. During the entire ordeal,
none of the Weavers threatened an agent or pointed a gun in their direction.
The assault took place on August 22, 1992. The FBI snipers had assumed their positions
by roughly 5:00 pm. Within only an hour every adult in the Weaver cabin was either dead or
severely injured. The Weaver's never received a warning or a request to surrender before the FBI
opened fire.
Randy, his 16-year old daughter Sarah and Harris went to the shed where Sammy's body
had been laid. An FBI sniper by the name of Lon Horiuch shot Randy in the back. As the three
struggled to get back in the cabin, Horiuch shot Randy's wife Vicki in the head as she stood in
the doorway holding her infant baby. She was killed instantly. After the bullet passed through
Vicki, it hit Harris in the chest. They all surrendered shortly thereafter.
Randy Weaver and his friend, Kevin Harris, were found innocent of all charges
associated with the incident with the exception that Randy was found guilty of not appearing in
court. The government was found guilty of entrapment, violating the rules of engagement,
Constitutional violations, destroying evidence, destroying reports and falsifying records but no
one was ever held accountable. In a civil suite, the Weavers won $3.1 million in damages.
The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
The World Trade Center (WTC) was bombed on February 26, 1993; six people were
killed, 1,000 injured and damages to the building were in excess of $500 million. The bomb was
designed to collapse the main supports of the building and collapse the tower. The bombers made
the mistake of parking the bomb twelve feet away from the column. If they had parked next to
the column the death toll would most likely have far exceeded that of 9-11.
The FBI had full knowledge of the bombers plans and did nothing to stop them. In fact
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