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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                418
The famous British author Salman Rushdie, who is under the protection of the British
government, was warned by the FAA not to fly one-week before the September 11th
Newsweek reported that: “a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel
plans (on September 10th) for the next morning (September 11th), apparently because of
security concerns.”
Warnings Made To U.S. Intelligence Agencies
The above are confirmed accounts of individuals who received warnings. But the US had
received warnings from at least 14 nations around the world. These warning varied in their
specifics but when combined they provided that an imminent terrorist attack was planned by Al-
Qaeda using air-planes as bombs on targets in New York. These warning came from the
following foreign Intelligence sources: Afghanistan, Argentina, Britain's MI6, Cayman Islands,
Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, a middle eastern military
source, and Russian. The Afghanistan warning came from Taliban Foreign Minister Wakil
Ahmed Muttawakil; the Egyptian from President Hosni Mubark; and the Russian from President
Vladimir Puttin.
Listed below are a sample of some of the accounts of both foreign and
domestic intelligence agencies and individuals who warned the US:
1993 – As early as
1993 the Pentagon investigated the possible use of airplanes being
used as bombs against US targets. In 1995 the FBI and Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) had detailed intelligence on the possible use of planes to launch attacks against the
US. During the Atlanta Olympics the possibility of a commercial jetliner attack was
considered and precautions were set in place with specific plans of response should a
situation develop.
1994Terror 2000, a federal report, was compiled from “interviews with 41
intelligence, government, and private industry experts including foreign governments
such as Israel and Russia.” The “report warned of possible terrorist strikes, including how
hijackers could use airliners to hit landmarks such as the Pentagon or White House.”
According to the report, “Targets such as the World Trade center not only provide the
requisite casualties but because of their symbolic nature provide more bang for the buck.
In order to maximize their odds for success, terrorists groups will likely consider
mounting multiple, simultaneous operations with the aim of overtaxing a government’s
ability to respond.” The following US government agencies are reported to have received
copies of the report on June 24, 1994: Department of Defense, Department of State, the
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), intelligence communities and
members of Congress.
1995 – Project Bojinka was exposed by police in the Philippines when arresting terrorist
Ramsi Youssef. At the time of the arrest they recovered his laptop computer. The
computers hard drive contained plans for a US terrorist’s attack using planes as bombs.
Targets included “the World Trade Center, the White House, Pentagon, the Transamerica
Tower in San Francisco and the Sears Tower in Chicago…”
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