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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                71
Chapter 3
Babylon Deceives the World Through Sorcery thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
Revelation 18:23
Revelation 18:23 states that Babylon would deceive the nations through sorcery.
Biblical scholars most often associate this text with witchcraft, meaning that Babylon would
deceive the nations through witchcraft. As was previously discussed at length in Volume 1, the
Illuminati, who are behind the move for a one-world government, are heavily involved in sorcery
and witchcraft. Ten of the top thirteen Illuminati families are American; therefore, this
interpretation could fittingly apply. But another interpretation may be even more fitting.
Sorcery comes from the Greek word “pharmakeia,”
which literally means medication or
drugs. Therefore, a literal translation would state that Babylon is deceiving the nations through
drugs. According to World Book encyclopedia, Pharmacologists consider all chemicals to be
drugs. They state:
We generally use the word drugs to mean only medicines and certain other
chemical substances that people use, such as alcohol or marijuana. But
pharmacologists, the scientists who study drugs, consider all chemicals that affect
living things to be drugs. For example, they classify insecticides, weedkillers, and
a wide variety of other substances as drugs.
Therefore, Babylon not only deals in drugs but chemicals of all sorts. The United States
can be considered the leader in all these areas: Illegal recreational drugs, over the counter and
prescription drugs, insecticides, weedkillers and chemicals of all sorts. But God didn't just say
that Babylon deals in drug and chemicals, he said she deceives the world with drugs and
chemicals. As we shall see this deception comes in many forms. The most detestable and
offensive of these deceptions is the deception that man's creations are better than God's creations.
When God finished creating the world, he said “it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). God
provided the grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs for our pleasure and our health (Genesis
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