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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                72
129-30). The book of Exodus records that God gave the Israelites spiritual, dietary, sanitary and
health laws. God said, if the Israelites would follow these laws, they would not experience the
diseases that were in Egypt (Exodus 15:26). Archeology has proven that the major diseases that
existed in Egypt are the same diseases that we suffer from today. Modern medicine has made
tremendous advancements in treating trauma (accident victims) but when it comes to treating
disease they are totally lost. Any honest doctor will admit that they can cure no disease, they can
only manage diseases with drugs. But not only do drugs not cure diseases, many destroy the
immune system created by God and replace it with man made chemicals. Whether knowingly or
unknowingly, those that create, sell and prescribe these drugs are placing their faith in man's
drugs rather in God. They are teaching men and women the world over that they can ignore what
God said about healthful living, they need only to pop a pill or get an injection.
Dr. Francisco Contreras says, “Everything God created is for the purpose of promoting
health.” Referring to Revelation 22:2, Dr. Contreras says, the Bible indicates that leaves are for
medicine and fruit is food. Dr. Contreras is a Christian Surgical Oncologist who runs the Oasis of
Hope Hospital in Mexico. He uses the best available means whether from modern medicine or
alternative medicine. He also uses prayer in his work of healing. He says there have been at least
300 published studies in medical literature on the effects of prayer in healing. At least one-half of
these studies have proven prayer to be a very powerful tool in healing. So when is the last time
your doctor asked to pray with you?
Dr. Contreras’ first premise in working with a patient is, “first do no harm.” His second
premise is, “love your patient as yourself.” He will not give any advice or treatment to his
patients that he would not give to himself or a member of his family.
This is how it should be and how God intended it. Dr. Contreras says, “The reason
medicine is failing is philosophical, modern medicine is science without common sense.” To
make his point, Dr. Contreras references a Time magazine study of 1,000 cancer specialists that
died from cancer. The study showed that not one of the doctors was willing to take the toxic
chemotherapy that they give to their patients.
By following God's principles of healing Dr. Contreras has achieved phenomenal
success. His overall cure rate is over 50% higher than the best cancer hospital in America. There
is one gigantic difference, 95% of Dr. Contreras' patients are near death when he sees them for
the first time. They have already received conventional medical treatment that has failed and
have been sent home to die with no hope of recovery. Many of those who aren't cured have both
the length and quality of their life greatly improved.
Several years ago I read Killing Cancer by Jason Winters. Winters was diagnosed with
inoperable and incurable cancer. Despite what his doctors told him, he was cured through God's
natural method, herbs. He said when he first went to Mexico searching for alternative treatments,
the clinics seemed to be filled with American doctors and nurses who were seeking alternative
treatments for themselves rather than what they gave their own patients.
While there are certainly benefits to drugs and chemicals, there are also hidden dangers.
Seldom are these dangers revealed and all too often, efforts are taken to conceal these dangers
and totally distort the truth. Like the doctors who willing dispense chemotherapy but won't take
it themselves, American multinational corporations have been exporting harmful and even
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