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The Soon Coming Judgment Of God Upon America and How To Escape It                73
deadly drugs and chemicals to third world nations. Some of these drugs and chemicals have been
banned in the US because they are unsafe, even deadly. These corporations have done this for
that which is “the root of all evil,” “the love of money” (1 Timothy 6:10). While “Everything
God created is for the purpose of promoting health,” this is not the case for what man and more
particularly what Babylon has created. Even worse than this is the fact that wicked and deceitful
men try to raise what man has created above that which God has created.
Illegal Drugs
During the 1800’s some of the greatest fortunes in America were built on the opium trade
with China. These opium traders knew exactly what they were doing; they knew that opium or
rather cocaine was very addictive and that it would result in the death of many of its addicted
users. By 1836 Chinese imports of Opium made it the “largest revenue-producing commodity in
the world.” In 1821 China imported 850,000 pounds of opium and by 1837 imports of opium had
grown to 6.6 million pounds. It “was estimated China had four to twelve million addicts.”
Some of the elite American families who made fortunes in the opium trade include the:
Astors, Jacobs, Girards, Perkins, Appletons, Cabots, Endicotts, Hoopers, Higginsons, Jacksons,
Lowells, Lawrences, Phillipses, Saltonstalls, Cushings, Sturgises, Ressells, Forbes, Lows,
Abbotts, Delanos and others. Warren Delano, who made his fortune in the opium business, was
the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Many of these families expended their
fortunes in railroads, shipping and other industries. “A recent book called The Wealthy 100
created a unique ranking of Americans by wealth and the proportion of that wealth in relation to
the gross national product.” Opium dealers John Jacob Astor ranked third, Stephen Girard fourth
and Thomas Handasyd Perkins ranked number 78.
Today Americans consume 50% of the world’s illegal drugs.
America is not the largest
producer of illegal drugs but many writers attribute and credit the growth in the worldwide drug
trade to the CIA’s covert operations around the world. While there are a lot of credible sources
who implicate the CIA in the worlds drug trade, the important fact is that the US consumes 50%
of these drugs and therefore fuels the worldwide illegal drug trade with American dollars.
Whether it’s the CIA and organized crime or organized crime alone the fact remains that third
world farmers have been both induced and forced to grow drugs. Others have been forced off
their lands. Evil, ruthless, murdering drug lords have increased in wealth and power and have
oppressed and enslaved areas of the world because of Americas appetite for drugs; they have
corrupted governments and in some cases taken control of governments.
In support of the CIA’s involvement in the international drug trade, Peter Dale Scott says
in Cocaine Politics that the CIA’s involvement in the drug trade in Central America was part of a
“long-standing pattern”: “The Central America drug experience in the 1980s, in short, was not an
anomaly but part of a long-standing pattern of intelligence alliances, military intervention, and
official corruption. It is a pattern that shows no sign of abating.”
Former LAPD narcotics detective, Michael Ruppert, revealed in an interview with the
Guerilla News Network in 2001 that the CIA has been involved in the drug trade since its very
beginning; he states: “The CIA has dealt drugs for all 50 years of its existence—50 plus years,
even before it was the CIA. And the point is that with 250 billion dollars a year in illegal drug
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