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Covid-19 Vaccine Info - What You Need To Know

Hard To Find Information From Doctors, Scientist, Lawyers, Whistle-blowers etc.

The Government doesn't make sure you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy; then why are they mandating the Vaccine?  If the Covid-19 vaccine actually worked, the vaccinated would have nothing to fear from the un-vaccinated.

The decision on whether or not to take the vaccine could be the second most important decision of your life, the first being whether to accept Jesus as your savior. Once you take the vaccine, it can't be reversed except by God. The vaccine poses the serious chance of a life of sickness or in some cases death. I can attest to the fact that sickness that prevents you from experiencing the joys of life can be much worse than death. But for the healthy, the Covid virus poses no more threat than the cold or flu. Get the facts.

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Vaccine Report Last Updated on October 2, 2021




In This Report You Will Find The Following Information:
  • PCR Test Hoax
  • Fraudulent Death Reporting
  • The Vaccine Is Dangerous
  • Covid Vaccine Is Killing People!!!
  • Reported Covid-19 Side Effects
  • Was The Vaccine Designed To Injure and Kill?
  • A Vaccine Conspiracy Originating Over 100 years Ago
  • The Vaccine Is Not Effective
  • 80% of Americans Have Natural Immunity to Covid
  • Natural Immunity is 13 Times More Effective Than Vaccine
  • The Vaccine Approval Hoax What They Are Not Telling You
  • Vaccine Mandates Are Illegal For Experimental Vaccines
  • Who's Not Required To Get a Vaccine
  • Therapeutic Treatments for Covid
  • Good News For Those Who Have Had The Vaccine
  • Freedom Isn't Free
  • Religious Objections
  • How To Get A Religious Objection
  • Resources
  • Endnotes

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