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The US In Bible Prophecy


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                          Soon Coming Judgment of God Upon America and
                          How to Escape It!

The United States In Bible
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Most Bible scholars will say the United States is not  found in Bible Prophecy. That is as far from the truth as one can get. The United States in center stage in Bible prophecy. Bible Prophecy is a warning message from God and God has a stern warning to the United States of America. Every American needs to hear what God has to say about the US. "The United States In Bible Prophecy" is a study of 30 biblical texts that reveal the identity of Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18. This video further shows how the United States has fulfilled all these descriptions. Lastly, this video tells you what God expects from those who want to respond to his warning. You need to see this video.
A Judged Creation
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If there is one thing the Bible is clear about it is this. One day, God is going to put an end to all the evil and suffering that goes on in our world. One day, He will judge this wicked and rebellious planet and make all things new. He did it once with a worldwide flood and He's going to do it again with a worldwide fire. Thus, you would think people would conclude, "Hey man, I better get right with God so I don't suffer the Judgment of God." Yet the Bible records the sad news of how the people in the last days would actually choose to be scoffers instead of taking God up on His offer to be rescued before it's too late. Therefore, this series A Judged Creation, seeks to encourage these scoffing people to become smarter people by looking at the scientific and geological evidences of God's first judgment, the Flood of Noah. Here you will discover such evidences as a Global Catastrophe, a Great Fossilization, a God-inspired Deluge, a Grand Uprising, a Galloping Runoff, a Gargantuan Boat, a Glorious Civilization, and Giant Life Forms. People, God really did judge this world once, and He's going to do it again. Time is running out and the rain is going to be here before you know it. Please, don't be like the scoffers of Noah's day. Discover the evidences of A Judged Creation and enter the ark of Jesus Christ before it's too late! 

The Catholic Church and Babylon
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Many believe the Roman Catholic Church to be Mystery Babylon. This theory regarding the Catholic Church was developed hundreds of years ago when the church was at its peak of power, wealth and influence. The expectation was that the Catholic church would maintain their power, wealth and influence to the end of time. This has not happened. The passages that seemed applicable to the Catholic Church 250 years ago no longer apply. This New full length video unmistakably proves that the Catholic Church can not be Babylon. This video explains the correct interpretation of key passages of Revelation 17 and 18 which have been wrongly attributed to the Catholic Church and which apply to the world's last Superpower.  You need to see this video.
Proof of God
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Is there actual proof that God exists?  The Bible declares: "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal  power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:" (Romans 1:20)

But God is merciful and he desires all to come to a knowledge of the truth so that they might be saved.  In these last days God is revealing more and more through scientific discovery including:  astronomy, physics, geology, paleontology, archeology, biology and mathematics which all prove that God exists, he is the creator and the Bible is true. 

Examine the evidence yourself.  You won't find the truth in High School or College textbooks.  The evidence has been concealed but it is well known to the scientific world.  Watch these videos as scientists explain the evidence.

                                Soon Coming Judgment of God Upon America
                                and How To Escape It!

This book series is A Revelation Warning Concerning the United States From God's Word. You'll be amazed at what God has to say about the United States of America and how accurately he describes the USA in Bible prophecy. For the first time America's little known history is used to prove that America is the Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18 which God will destroy! This may be the most important book you will ever read!

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